CerealCodes: Fostering the Spirit of Problem Solving

    What is CerealCodes?

    CerealCodes is a high quality programming contest designed by BracketCS, an organization of high schoolers passionate about competitive programming and computer science.

    High Quality

    Our problemsetters are experienced, all of whom are USACO Platinum competitors, including seven USACO finalists. Our commitment to quality is reflected in the intricate, challenging, and enjoyable problems we provide.

    Dedicated Team

    A skilled and dedicated team works diligently behind the scenes at CerealCodes, ensuring a seamless and enriching experience for all participants.

    Why Participate?

    CerealCodes offers a unique blend of problems carefully crafted to be high-quality, fun, and challenging.

    Growing Numbers

    Since its inception, CerealCodes has garnered around 1000 registrations and prizes/sponsorships valued at over $35k.

    A Rewarding Journey

    We provide a rewarding environment that is not only challenging but also fosters continuous learning and enjoyment.

Contest Information

Join us for an exciting programming competition with three divisions catering to various skill levels! Showcase your problem-solving skills, collaborate with your team, and tackle a diverse set of challenges. Read on for more details about the contest logistics, rules, format, and topics.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to test your skills and compete with fellow programmers. Register now and get ready for an engaging and challenging experience!

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