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How do I ask for clarification or a question about a problem or the grader?
If a problem is unclear, or the grader produces certain errors, you should: Join the CerealCodes Discord. DM the problem setter if you have question about the problem. DM one of the following people about the grader: (isef. , , __monitor__ ) We will individually respond to you on Discord, and post a global announcement on the website.
How are the problems ordered?
The problems are ordered from easiest to hardest, but some may be easier for you than for others. Thus, we recommend taking a look at all the problems!
How do I submit a problem? What languages do you support?
To submit a problem, you must submit the source code for your solution in the appropriate language and to the appropriate problem. We support C++, Java, Python, and PyPy.
What do the verdicts mean?
After submitting a problem, a series of verdicts can occur:
AC – this stands for accepted, and means your solution passes all test cases!
WA – this stands for wrong answer, and means your solution gives a wrong answer for a certain test case.
RTE – this stands for runtime error, and means your code failed in the runtime for various reasons including too much memory, accessing an element that is out of bounds, etc.
CE – this stands for compile error, and means your code failed to compile
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